Mobile Applications


Great mobile applications are more than lines of code. In order to deliver excellent performance we have gathered one of the highly talented development team.


Native Mobile Apps

Native apps are apps built using programming languages such as Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android).

Because they reside within the device itself, native apps are very good at accessing data provided by some of the functionalities in mobile devices, such as GPS information, accelerometer data, contacts, etc.

Native apps can also access push notifications, enabling the app to notify users about content or other updates, which is essential to many apps

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Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps are web apps wrapped in a native shell. This means that while the basic infrastructure of hybrid apps is native, the content is web-based. So hybrid apps are like a native app with a browser embedded within it.

By combining both technologies, hybrid apps can take advantage of all the native features of native apps – accessing data from other apps, offline working, ability to be downloaded from an app store – while the actual content relies on HTML being rendered in a browser.

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Web Mobile Apps

If you’ve ever seen the ‘mobile version’ of a site, that’s what we’re talking about.

Web apps are limited in what they can do effectively in terms of features and they will generally always require an Internet connection to work. They are slower and less intuitive. Web apps are designed once for every platform and therefore won’t look or behave like a real app on any of them.

However, an “app” like this loads within a mobile browser, like Safari or Chrome, like every other website. Your audience doesn’t have to install a web app. They don’t need to have available space on their devices.

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